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You have heard me say on many occasions the power of deliberate practice utilizing your top character strengths intentionally everyday. Without some form of “practice” and intentionality, the strategic use of character strengths tend to either get underused, overused, or become absent.

My top strengths of 1.) Religiousness 2.) Forgiveness 3.) Zest 4.) Love of Learning, and 5.) Bravery, tend to be used as an integrated lifestyle. Certainly my strength of “religiousness” or better described as a strong sense of connection with the “whole”, and/or the operation of transcendence, occupies a great deal of my mental real estate all the time. Pursuing my PhD compliments my sheer joy and enthusiasm (Zest) for “Love of Learning”.

For me, my top character strengths are widely practiced, whereas I must manage the intensity or the propensity for overuse. An example being, I read a lot!! Along with the required reading for the PhD program, I tend to continue to find other reading interests, which keeps me from interaction with others, let alone the expense of purchasing all types of books, CD’s, e-books! LOL! I am learning to put myself on a “reading” budget. How are you using, underusing, or overusing your top character strengths?

As I have tried to communicate, all 24 VIA attributes are “strengths” which any one of them might prove useful to exercise more. How about you, which one could use a little more attention?

Creativity is one I will explore over the next few weeks. I tend to be a creature of habit. I love having a routine. This has been helpful for me and at the same time, locked me into a rut. I am going to look for opportunities to relinquish the illusion of control over circumstances, and ride with the “current” of life, versus trying to control or “tame” my life experiences. My intention is to become more open to the unusual, unplanned, unconnected, serendipitous conditions which might lead me to better creative insights. I will journal my experiences.

Leadership Practice

Review your top 5 VIA Character Strengths. Which ones are routinely being used, under-used, over-used, absent?
Review all of the 24 VIA Character Strengths. Which one or two need to be exercised more? Commit to do so. What are you going to do, or what actions are you going to take?

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