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Do you consider yourself a "Great Manager"? Most individuals I talk to think of themselves as pretty good, all the way to actually great! When I think of a so-called manager, included in that thinking is not only the ones in business, or the marketplace. It also include the ones that manage a household, a mom, or dad, or even a college student managing themselves. By now, you have heard me talk about the three types of people:

1 - The Extraordinary
2 - The Ordinary
3 - The Lazy and the Wicked

After many years of research, The Gallup Organizations describes them as:

1 - Engaged
2 - Not Engaged, and
3 - Actively Disengaged

In a recent study Gallup asserts that engaged employees represent 30% of the workforce, actively disengaged employees represent 20%, and the ones considered not engaged represent 50%. This statistic has not changed over the last 10 years. Gallup also indicates that the lion's share of the blame lies on the doorstep of very poor managers.

Although I would strongly agree that strong management skills, which for the most part in this economy consist of premier leadership proficency, is surely absent in today's modern workplace. Although I would also say, that at least some of the responsibility is the abdication by the individual of any leadership responsibilities, I must say, organizations have some culpability as well.

For this week’s thought, I have attached Gallup’s latest study on the state of leadership and the dismal approach to work, it seems many workers subscribe to. Take a look and determine do you see yourself in this study, and if so, which role.

2013 State of the American Workplace Report

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