Products & Services

TBG Leadership & Consulting offers three types of developmental services:

1. One-on-one Executive Coaching
Clients receive customized weekly coaching on pre-determined specific objectives. During the coaching process the client is exposed to 26 distinctions, or ways of “being” in an attempt to illuminate leadership blind-spots. Minimum engagement is 6 months.

2. Team and Organizational Development
Teams and organizational developmental work consist of a series of customized workshops, exploring 26 distinctions, with the intent of unleashing and maximizing human performance, within the team, and the larger external environment. Minimum 12 interactions over a one year engagement period

3. Speaking Engagements & Presentations
Keynotes, presentations and speaking assignments centering on breakthrough systemic leadership practices, highlighting the latest research in the field of positive psychology, individual and group flourishing techniques. The intention being to unleash the attributes of the individual and organizational “best possible self.”

Each one of these services can be further customized to meet the client’s specific developmental needs