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Leadership Thought – Great Manager’s

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Do you consider yourself a “Great Manager”? Most individuals I talk to think of themselves as pretty good, all the way to actually great! When I think of a so-called manager, included in that thinking is not only the ones in business, or the marketplace. It also include the ones that manage a household, a… Read more »

Leadership Thought – Cultivating

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Mr. Patrick Awuah, from Ghana, now an accomplished executive from Microsoft recently provided a presentation focusing on educating leaders as a TED Talk. During his presentation Mr. Awuah attempts to define leadership and discuss why he feels its crucial for the continent of Africa to re-think its approaches in developing future leaders. Mr Awuah, appears… Read more »

Leadership Thought – Vulnerability

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When was the last time you felt vulnerable? How did you handle or address the situation to relieve yourself of the feeling of vulnerability? For most, its a feeling to be avoided, squashed, hidden, or denied at any costs! As I have studied leaders, primarily from an American, Western European context, it appears that false… Read more »