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TBG (To Be Great) - Leadership & Consulting is committed to “igniting” individual and organizational potential through the heliotropic energy of LOVE, based on:

Listening, Caring, Relationships, & Giving, fueled by intentional Choice

Using cutting-edge, research-based leadership and human developmental strategies, clients are offered an opportunity to "See" themselves, others and constituents who they support as extraordinary. This "Seeing" leads to "Being" which in turn leads to "Doing" the "Work" creating sustainable momentum impacting Self, Others, and The World.

Gerald (Gerry) Bouey is the principal and founder of this specialized boutique within the field of human leadership development practices.

Gerry has over 40 years experience in business, financial services, management, training, and leadership development. He leverages his experiences through TBG offering leadership consulting services to individuals, executives, teams, and organizations.

These services are based on characteristics of transformational leadership:

The “context” described in “language” produces an “invented” future.

Current day challenges along with many hidden opportunities faced by individuals and organizations attempting to thrive within a global system are often unaware of the “invisible” element representing a “leadership blind spot.” TBG Leadership & Consulting recognizes this dilemma and provides strategies, conceptual models, and tools addressing the “source dimension” of these aspects leaders rarely realize exist. In a fast-paced, modern, rapidly industrialized world, most organizations have a grasp on the “how” and “what” which impact performance, although many are not aware of the dynamic influence of the “who” and its underlying drain on optimizing performance.

TBG uses 10 core practices (distinctions) around “inventing” a compelling future:

1. Authenticity
2. Responsibility
3. Strategic Anticipation
4. Time Energy
5. “Best Self”
6. “Other” focused
7. Creativity, Curiosity, Courage
8. Capturing Human Potential
9. Learning by Doing
10. Connections

Every Client is approached uniquely, individually, with custom designed solutions.

Initial Interaction: Using the TBG approach, an assessment is done prior to the beginning of the assignment. Through a detailed intensive interview process, challenges and “blind spots” are identified, along with, fees, scope and level of consulting/coaching required.

Developmental Programs: Each engagement is custom designed based on client criteria with the intent of meeting the individual, group or organizations specific needs. These uniquely tailor-made systems can be run as a stand-alone product for individuals and/or organizations, in which individuals can attend via, seminars, a series of workshops or video forums.

Executive Coaching: TBG’s core business practice, provides one-on-one coaching systems for individuals or organizations designed for a specific result and leadership skill acquisition.

Workshops, Seminars, & Speaking Presentations: Talks around characteristics of breakthrough leadership concepts, stand-alone workshops and seminars are available to address the unique group and organizational challenges. This includes keynotes, leadership development, strategic planning, business development, change initiatives, diversity and inclusion efforts.

Engagements are by referral and invitation only.